I am a marketing and design consultant that transforms complex ideas into compelling visual content with PowerPoint, Brainshark, and Animated Video. I have excellent Marketing and Social Media skills.  I create solutions and believe in the collaborative approach. Simply put, I provide top shelf designs and solutions.




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I filmed, directed and edited this project. I also created all of the on screen elements in After Effects and Photoshop.

PowerPoint Specialist that transforms complex ideas into compelling visuals.


Clear, concise PowerPoint. Compelling videos. Exciting Motion Graphics.

PowerPoint, Brainshark, Prezi and Animated Videos.


I specialize in the "Virtual  Face-lift" Dramatic effects and retouching . Take years off your photo.

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Let's Change The World

I am creative, as well as, a highly skilled designer and a team player. I specialize in PowerPoint, Video,
Motion Graphics
, Prezi and Marketing.  I have built long-term relationships with Advertising Agencies, Healthcare/Insurance Companies, Financial/Investment firms, and the Pharmaceutical  Industry.

I am proud of my collaborative process that keeps you in control. Simply put, if you need PowerPoint designs, animated videos, or elegant data visualizations, I can provide those services in a timely and reliable manner. I help sales and marketing teams create effective presentations.


  • Creative PowerPoint designs
  • Dynamic videos
  • Compelling motion graphics
  • Targeted marketing and messaging


I create presentations with one thing in mind.
You the customer.


"Brevity is the soul of wit..."

- Shakespeare


By using a collaborative approach I create a positive experience for you. I believe that  everyone’s situation is unique, let’s work together to find the right solution. If your presentation is motivational in content or a data heavy financial report requiring complex graphs and charts, I will craft a presentation to satisfy your agenda.



"Presentations are my Passion..."

- Michael Carlyle



Highly skilled in PowerPoint, Video, After Effects and Prezi.  I have designed projects for Advertising Agencies, Financial Firms, Pharmaceutical Companies, Healthcare/Insurance Providers, Retail, and more.  I am strong in the conversion process from InDesign to PowerPoint or "CLEANING UP"  decks, as well as,  completely redesigning existing decks. I welcome the opportunity to discuss your project. Feel free to call me: 646-382-4678

Heavy Photoshop work


Creative Design

Image driven presentation. This presentation created with Photoshop and InDesign.

This is a conversion from InDesign with heavy Photoshop work.

Design project. Created the design and applied extensive Photoshop effects to stock photos.

Dramtic Template Design

Smooth and Clean Template Design

Charts, and Data Driven Graphs

Complex Layered InDesign Exports

Template Design: Created master template and design for client.

Created  template and and incorporate client InDesign elements, reformatted for PowerPoint.

This is a collection of chart and graphs pulled from selected presentations.

Charts, Graphs and Diagrams

Multi-Media PowerPoint

Complex Layered InDesign Exports

Complex Charts, Graphics and Diagrams

 Multi-Media. Containing embedded video and other elements.

 Multi-Media. Containing embedded video and other elements.

Automated PowerPoint

Native PowerPoint with voice over built-in. No external software or plug-ins used.

 Automated with Music Track

PowerPoint created for Brainshark

All animation created in PowerPoint using InDesign and Photoshop. Animations created in PowerPoint. Sound track can be quickly replaced.

This presentation was designed of a Brainshark, with voice over. All Animations created in  PowerPoint.

Animated PowerPoint

Complex InDesign

All Animations created in PowerPoint using complex  layered  InDesign exports.

PowerPoint Developed For Brainshark

Brainshark is a web based PowerPoint presentation service. Create your PowerPoint locally and then upload to the web. Add voice, music and effects. Powerful tool to get your message out.


Voice-Over | Music Track

Video Style Motion Graphics

All animations created in PowerPoint. Narration and music.

Created in PowerPoint and InDesign.

All animation created in PowerPoint using InDesign and Photoshop elements.


Design elements created with InDesign.


I am a highly skilled Video Specialist, director, and editor. Fluent with Adobe Premier, After Effects, as well as the suite of Adobe products.


I am a dedicated and meticulous  with extraordinary eye for detail and an excellent record of client satisfaction. I have comprehensive experience with all aspects of video production and post-production.  I am a multitasker with the proven ability to handle  simultaneous projects and work in a high-pressure environment.


State-of-the-Art Canon and Sennheiser Video and Audio equipment.  I have a complete portable studio available.

Universal Robots News Scoop

Rotacaster  "The Omni Wheel"

Rethink Robots Meet "Baxter"

Scott Mabie, General Manager of Universal Robots


Announces the 350 million dollar purchase of Universal Robots by Terady

Rotacaster re-invents the wheel.


Peter McKinnon, Managing Director, talks about Rotacaster latest entry in the marketplace:

Smart, Collaborative Robots for the Real World.


That vision was realized with the introduction of Baxter™ in 2012. For the first time, manufacturers had a cost-effective and easily adoptable...

Edge Lighting New Product

Eran Group, Product Announcement

Mission Impossible – Jeep

Edge Lighting, VP of sales, Mike Donovan


Discusses the new  Nova Modular LED lighting.

Eran Group, General Manager, Dan Levitin

Discusses "The Cassiopeia bollard and Pole" Systems.

A marketing video I created for a client.

Created the concept, wrote the script and directed. I also acted as producer.

Michael Carlyle Show Reel

This represents some of my recent work as a “Presentation” and “Video Specialist.” I  created the design, format and motion graphics for both the PowerPoint presentations and video clips.  I am highly skilled in working with the entire suite of Adobe of products.  I am a excellent director and filmmaker.

Featured Videos

Apocalypse Now Awakes

The X-Files Reopen Batman Vs. Superman

Apocalypse Now Awakens


 A re-imaged trailer of the classic film, as if it were released today. It was created in the Star Wars "The Force Awakens" style.

The X-Files Batman Vs. Superman


 This a re-imaged trailer of the X-Files Reopened. Created in the "Batman Vs. Superman" style.

Trailer Announcing New Web Series

Client Testimonial

Promotional For Metropolitan Opera

Video Marketing

In addition to my experience in traditional marketing, write scripts and create concepts.  I can provide alternate ideas in presenting a product, service or company with video. Over a billion unique users visited YouTube last month.  87% of Social media users follow their brands video releases. Posts with video links attract 3X more visitors. The odds of getting a page one listing on Google increase 53 times with video.

Increase the average stay of visitors to your site over the critical 2 minute mark. By 2017 video will represent 90% of all Internet traffic. 87% of success Internet marketing strategies revolve around video. 65% of people who watch a video on another site like YouTube, Vimeo and other click on the web site that published the video, many of these visitors are converted to buyers after the visit.


"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak..."

- Rachel Zoe


Photoshop | Dramatic Effects & Retouching

"New York, if I can make it here I can make it anywhere..."

- Frank Sinatra

"The only source of knowledge is experience."

- Albert Einstein


A listing of a few clients. Some of these were direct some via agencies.


Michael Carlyle

201 west 94th Street
New York, NY 10025

Phone 646-382-4678

Email mcarlyle@michael-carlyle.com

Michael Carlyle show Reel

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