I am a marketing and design consultant that transforms complex ideas into compelling visual content with PowerPoint, Brainshark, and Animated Video. I am also very strong in Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it doesn’t stop there.  I create solutions and believe in the collaborative approach. Simply put, I provide top shelf designs and solutions.





           I Love M
y Job

I am Creative

Passionate about Video

I focus on PowerPoint. I have created
many presentations for a wide
variety of companies

I write the copy, create the presentation, and  deploy using my SEO experience.

Be honest wouldn't you rather watch
 than read?














"Brevity is the soul of wit..."






I will work with you to customize a presentation to suit your needs and audience. From quarterly motivational meetings to graph heavy financial materials for the board, and everything in between.

Everyone’s situation is unique. By using a collaborative approach I create a comfortable experience for you and your audience. Let’s work together to find the right solution.











"I don't design presentations. I design dreams..."

Michael Carlyle

This is a promo trailer created to promote
a web series

This is a collection of out takes and stills taken from a recent video shoot. I put them together to create a montage.

Photoshop: Creating Dramatic Effects

Video Marketing

In addition to my experience in traditional marketing, write scripts and create concepts.  I can provide alternate ideas in presenting a product, service or company with video. Over a billion unique users visited YouTube last month.  87% of Social media users follow their brands video releases. Posts with video links attract 3X more visitors. The odds of getting a page one listing on Google increase 53 times with video.


Increase the average stay of visitors to your site over the critical 2 minute mark. By 2017 video will represent 90% of all Internet traffic. 87% of success Internet marketing strategies revolve around video. 65% of people who watch a video on another site like YouTube, Vimeo and other click on the web site that published the video, many of these visitors are converted to buyers after the visit.


Social Media

I utilize multiple methodologies and technologies to create a cohesive cross platform brand identity. This results in better exposure on the search engines, which in turn generates new business. Your new brand identity will be accessible by any web based device either desktop or mobile. My unique approach of combining video, targeted content development, search engine optimization, and media management is what sets me apart from the competition. My efforts will bring new prospects to your web site.

Ultimately, I help companies get their message out more effectively and efficiently because I understand the dynamics of the marketplace, and am willing to adapt to the circumstances at hand. I can provide a solution that’s right for you whether it be a simple PowerPoint presentation or a complete redefinition of your web presence.

Client Services

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Please feel to contact me for information or just for say hello!


WHY CHOOSE Michael-Carlyle.com?

I am creative highly skilled designer and a team player. I specialize in PowerPoint, Video, Motion Graphics, and marketing. I have built long-term relationships with Advertising Agencies, Healthcare/Insurance Companies,

Financial/Investment firms, and the Pharmaceutical  Industry.

I am proud of my collaborative process that keeps you in control. Simply put, if you need PowerPoint presentation designs, animated business videos, or elegant data visualizations, I can provide those services in a timely and reliable manner.

I help sales and marketing teams create effective presentations

  • Creative PowerPoint designs
  • Dynamic videos
  • Compelling motion graphics
  • Targeted marketing and messaging

I create presentations with one thing in mind. You the customer.

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News and information regarding design, media and consumer products.

Architecture and Design

Form follows Function.

News and Media

Publish or die.


Highly skilled in PowerPoint, Video, and After Effects.  I have completed many projects for Advertising Agencies, Financial Firms, Pharmaceutical Companies, Healthcare/Insurance Providers, Retail, and more. I am very strong in conversion from InDesign to PowerPoint and "CLEANING UP" existing decks or combining decks. I welcome the opportunity to discuss your project. Feel free to call me: 646-382-4678

PowerPoint: Photoshop

PowerPoint: InDesign/Photoshop

PowerPoint: Design Project

Image Driven Presentation. Elements in this presentation were created with
Photoshop and InDesign.

Charts and Graphs created in PowerPoint from client Data. When data did was not available  charts were created to match photos.

Design project. Created the design and applied extensive Photoshop effects to stock photos.

PowerPoint: Template Design

PowerPoint: Fully Animated

PowerPoint: Aggressive Animation with Voice Over and Sound Track

Template Design: This presentation is from a master template I designed and modified.

Fully animated presentation with tables, charts, graphs and Photos.

Co-designed with Art Director using InDesign.
I then recreated it in PowerPoint.

Video: Marketing

Video: Informational

Video: Marketing (Parody)

This is one of a video series created for this client. I created the concept, wrote and filmed the Video. I also created all the effects.

I created the concept
(based on "Mission Impossible),
wrote the script and directed the project.

This high energy trailer created with After Effects. It was part of a marketing effort coordinated with a Social Media marketing campaign.

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak..."

Rachel Zoe

Michael Carlyle

201 west 94th Street
New York, NY 10025

Phone 646-382-4678

Email mcarlyle@michael-carlyle.com

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PowerPoint: Voice-Over and
Music Track Video

This fully automated Presentation with voice over and music track created in PowerPoint using InDesign and then converted to video.
All animations created in PowerPoint.

All animation created in PowerPoint using InDesign and Photoshop elements
and then converted to video.

PowerPoint: Video with Narration

PowerPoint: Aggressive Animation and Music Track

Video and After Effects

All animation created in PowerPoint using InDesign and then converted to video with music track.

Video: Trailer

Video: Created in After Effects

PowerPoint Conversion to Video

PowerPoint: Photoshop/Indesign

Design project. I created the design. Extensive Photoshop effects. High energy animations. Cast and Recorded Voice Over talent,
added Sound Track.

PowerPoint: Fully Automated
with Music Track

PowerPoint: Fully Automated
with Voice Over

All animation created in PowerPoint using InDesign and Photoshop elements. All animations created in PowerPoint.
Sound track can be quickly replaced.

This presentation was designed of a Brainshark deployment. All animations executed  in
PowerPoint and timed to narration. Design created with InDesign and Photoshop.

"New York, if I can make it here I can make it anywhere.."

Frank Sinatra

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